Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New RC Helicopter with Camera - S107C


Check out the new S107C  - the S107 you love now with a Camera!  This is a great Camera RC Helicopter!


  1. Wow, what a nice post, the picture is really looking awesome, as if the helicopters are standing in a queue on a dock waiting for a signal to fly over enemies land and destroy it completely. I have one RC helicopter purchased from Grayson Hobby, which looks beautiful like these one…

  2. Nice to see the SYMA S107C with a Camera. A very nice camera also if you can spin the heli then no frame cutting happens, the video quality is great. Flying this heli is same as others but it also gets fast when pushed forward more than the others.It moves more harder than the others, probably to it's shorter Blades.


  3. It's always fun to watch from the eye of the RC Helicopter With Camera . This 3.5 Channel RC Spy helicopters can record 1.3 megapixel videos as well as take still photos while ...