Monday, December 13, 2010

What should I look for when buying an RC Helicopter?

At Hobby-eStore, we gathered information from our thousands of customers to find out the top requested features that were important when making a buying decision for a RC Helicopter.  So if you are a new RC toy shopper, hopefully this list will helpful to you.

1.   Long flying time per charge

The Easiest and simplest way to find out the flying time of an RC Helicopter is to see find it’s milliamps per hour (aka MaH).  The higher the number, the longer flight time it has.  For the best flying time per charge, we recommend our Esky helicopters, especially the Esky Honey Bee.

2.  Easy to fly
Our most popular helicopters are our helicopters for beginners.  The out the many beginner helicopters, our favorites are the Helizone Firebird and the SYMA S107.  It’s pretty simple, both of these RC Helicopters are great for all ages.

3.  Capable of flying both indoors and outdoors 

Most indoor helicopters are capable of flying outdoors.  Our recommendations for great RC Helicopters that can fly both indoors and outdoors are our SYMA S031 and SYMA S032.

4.  Capable of Multi-frequency

Flying RC Helicopters by yourself is not as fun as doing it with friends.  Luckily, finding multi-frequency helicopters is very easy – all 2.4 Ghz helicopters allow you to fly helicopters at different frequencies.  My favorite is the ESKY Belt CP X.


And those were the top 4 things our customers are looking for. We hope that helps with your shopping experience.

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