Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What are the different types of RC Helicopters (2CH, 3CH, etc.) and how do I know which is best for me?

Most beginners in the RC helicopter hobby with find a 3 channel dual axial heli the easiest to fly.  The counter action of the 2 sets of rotor blades makes for an easy flight due to its stable flight characteristics.  A 3 Channel Helicopter has the tail motor for forward and backward flight, which makes for a full function but easy to fly heli. A 2 channel helicopter will be able to move left and right, these style of heli's will go forward only.  A 4 channel helicopter will have up and down, tail left and right, forward and backwards but also have roll axis that will "tilt the heli left and right", this is for a more experienced flyer.  There are even 6 channel heli's that have all the functions of a 4 channel but also have a pitch setting for the blades that not only have positive lift but can also give negative lift for inverted (upside down) flight.

If this is your first heli purchase try to get no more than 3 channels and somethign that has a gyroscope (gyro) that will keep the heli stable in flight.


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