Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What should you do when you receive your first RC Helicopter? First steps?


1.  Carefully remove the helicopter and other components out of the box.

2.  Read the owners manual completely from first to last page to understand how your model works.

3.  Put new/fresh batteries in the remote, make sure all the trims are set to the neutral position except the throttle which should be all the way down along with the throttle control and turn it on, make sure the indicator lights come on.

4.  Next step is to fully charge your helicopters battery with either the supplied charger/remote or your own charger, be sure to take care when charging the battery and charge according to the instructions that came with the helicopter.  Once the battery is charged, install the battery if needed into the helicopter, make sure the transmitter is turned on before you install the battery or turn the helicopter on.

5.  Do a quick radio check to be sure that all is good, walk away from the heli, around 10ft. and quickly put the throttle to 1/2 and back to nothing, the main rotor should have turned quickly and back off.

6.  Next you want to be sure that your controls are setup properly, with the tail of the heli facing you, give a slight big of throttle to start the main rotor turning, not enought to have the heli take off or start moving but enough to create some air movement, next using the same control as the throttle move the stick to the right, the nose of the heli should start to move right, now try left and the nose should turn left, if not then you need to set the reverse switch to the opposite position for that function.

7.  Next you check the right stick, moving the stick to the right should make the whole heli tilt to the right, same goes for the left, if not you will also need to reverse the controls on the remote.

8. Next with be moving the right stick forward, this will make the heli move forward and pulling back will make it move back, if not you will need to reverse these control.  Once you get these controls setup you can try your hand at hovering.  You may need to setup the trims on the controls once your off the ground, this will be explained in better details in your manual.

Thank you you RCHelicopterHobby.com for the steps!

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