Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Painting Your Remote Control Helicoter


Decorations, decorations, it’s something that can grab the attention of others. Whether it’s a house or a thing or something else, if you decorate your remote control helicopters, you will become like a proud parent who would be so happy if people would admire the excellent paint job you’ve done for you toy. This is one way to accessorize your toy.

Of course toys are just toys but at times it could be pretty boring just looking at the same thing over and over. That is why the human wonder skills of being a great inventor and artist are being put to the test when caring for remote control helicopters. Mind you, it may take a few days for it to be dome if you’d really want to put effort in making your toy attractive for yourself and for others.

Here are some tips to help you paint your remote control helicopters:

Most RC helicopters’ painting techniques can be compared to a fiber glass. It is important that you know how to use airbrushes, if you already know how to, then it is a plus. To start you will first need to wash the body of your toy with warm water. This is so that the residues can first be removed and you can remove its body flaws and manufacturing and other molding residues so you can have smooth surface before painting.

Wipe the parts to be painted with acetone, this will also remove the oil and grease on the machine. Use an abrasive pad to scuff the area to be painted. This will make any primers and adhesive to be used stick to the surface. If you will need to make holes or cutout, make sure you are using a 1/16” drill bit. You can then use rough 360 grit sandpaper to smoothen it. Inspect all parts of your toy carefully for any other imperfections so you can still fix them before the real painting begins. Make sure air bubbles are fixed as well. If you need to have your remote control helicopter checked by a craftsman go ahead. It would really help, though it may not be a requirement but is encouraged.

Next is to apply the primer. For two good reasons, primers are needed as it provide the best surface for the paint to stick to, and the second is so that you will be able to see imperfections on the surface to be painted so you will still have the time to fix them the second time or even the third time until perfection for the remote control helicopters is achieved. This is the reason why it takes days just painting your toy machine.

Once all these ritual is done, then you can already select the color of the paint you want for your machine. Paints have certain directions depending on the manufacturer of it. Make sure you follow the directions so you can be able to achieve the best results for a good finish of your remote control helicopters.


  1. Excellent idea as my son has shown some interest in airbrushing. I might even be able to get my daughter interested in flying with her choice of pinks a purples. It's worth a shot.

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