Monday, July 30, 2012

Time to Spray Water at your friends with this new RC Helicopter

Check out the brand new WL V319.  It is a great RC Helicopter for the summer. Have you ever wanted to spray some water at your friends?  Well now you have a chance. 


  1. Last X-Mas I have bought syma mini rc helicopter for my daughter. But now I want to buy new one because syma helicopter create problems when flying them. These WL V319 is well designed build with sprey water.

  2. Having Fun with Toy Helicopters . It's real RC helicopter toys and games are among the top ten toys and games on childrens' details nowadays. Enjoying with these toys and games will carry joy and enjoyment to anyone seeking to fly these toys and games out into the start sky. So you awaken and get your RC all willing to fly and just as you start the entrance you find out that it's poring pails of water. The sun has created the decision to take the day off, you can't fly your device outside, so what now?

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