Monday, August 22, 2011

Maintenance for Remote Control Helicopters


Remote control helicopters may refer to the less expensive children toys or the very expensive model aircraft. Flying remote controlled helicopters are very exciting to do. It takes a lot of effort to perform an advanced flying maneuver. Since these model aircraft are very delicate, the owner must always perform certain checks and maintenance in order to ensure a functional machine.

First thing you need to check in the helicopter is the canopy. The canopies of remote control helicopters are prone to crack so you have to check it for visible cracks. There are canopies that are originally two halves which are simply glued together, you need to make sure that they are still intact and not splitting. Common defects on the canopy are the enlarged mounting holes. This is caused by the rapid vibration when you fly remote controlled helicopters. Eventually, enlarged holes may cause the screws to slip through or fall off. To fix this, you simply install larger washers between the screws and the canopy.

Try to check the servo tray for any cracks.  A remote controlled helicopter easily get affected by a simple defect on its spare parts. A simple crack on the servo tray can lead to frame twisting and later frame separation. Make sure that the servo tray is fastened tightly to the fuselage.

Another important thing to maintain is the frame. It doesn't only give good looks to any remote controlled aircraft, but it also holds many parts at place.  Make sure to always tighten all the bolts and screws before and after flying. A simple loose bolt can lead to severe damage. Use a specific size of screwdriver to secure the bolts and screws in place.

Just like most mobile machines, bearings are the most likely to get damaged first. The bearings you find in a remote controlled helicopter gets worn out easily. The more you fly remote control helicopters, the more you destroy the  bearings; and this is inevitable. Ensure that the bearings move freely, try to lubricate them if needed. If they need replacing then purchase a new one.

Lastly, always check the landing gear and see if there are any damages. Be sure to tighten the bolts when you see a loose one. Since there are different types of remote control helicopters, the tail boom also varies. Try to check the belt or the shaft if it is worn out. If you’re planning to store remote control helicopters for a long time then you must release the belt drive tension. By properly maintaining your helicopters, you secure their longevity and lessen the chance of buying a new one.

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