Monday, August 22, 2011

Qualities of Good Remote Control Helicopters


Experienced flyers will tell you that the larger the remote control helicopters are the easier it is to fly them because they are stable and they give a good experience with fewer hassles. It is therefore advisable to consider some of the qualities before embarking on a mission to own one right away. Here are some qualities that you may consider when buying this toy: 

The power of these types of remote control helicopters is measured as the ability to withstand any external disturbance while flying around. It is obvious that a larger helicopter will withstand more obstacles with much ease than a small one. Apparently, the effect of wind on a small chopper will be more adverse than on a large one. A large Chopper will be more stable for an outdoor experience because you will be more in control of the game.

Advanced fliers will tell you that it is easier to fly a large toy because they have an easier control system. Large ones are highly recommended to new beginners because they will have good control and it will be relatively easy to operate and maintain.

More prominent:
Visibility is key in this exercise and due to their large size, they are easily visible and more prominent and much easier to see while flying. This quality makes them easy to be spotted on a cloudy day and in areas where there are high trees. Smaller remote control helicopters can easily disappear and get hard to trace unlike a bigger chopper.

Power systems:
Most of them mainly use gas power. This makes them more compatible and much helpful for beginners to learn. Turbine choppers are also available in large sizes, these are perfect to use but need to be controlled by specialist. 

Upon knowing the qualities of a good remote control helicopter, it is advisable that you understand how it works before you learn to hover. The ultimate objective is to find out how these machines moves or reacts to the inputs that you are sending. It is recommended that you look for a flat or even surface so as to make this flying experience trouble-free. The smother the surface the better it is for your training. Otherwise, you might have a difficult time catching up if the surface is uneven and this may even lead to stumbling or tipping over.

Searching for the right gadget may seem like a daunting and tedious task in the beginning, but the most important is simply a matter of doing your homework, and making sure you know what you are getting into before you make your investment. Get to know the qualities that you will need in your helicopter and go ahead to making that exciting decision. 


  1. Hovering around, I used to love my helicopter when I was a kid. Though I am still crazy for these remote controlled helicopters, I have different mode of playing with them. Now my kid plays with them and I teach him how to ace control on it :- )! But thanks for offering these tips and reminding me off my childhood.

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